A wedding is a romantic and magical day. A day filled with love, celebrating with your friends and family. Even the stress of wedding preparations can be and should be fun but what a couple can’t get away from is the brutal fact that weddings in 2019 are expensive.  With the average cost of a UK wedding now being at an all-time high of £35,000, a whopping increase from £15,000 within the last ten years, it’s no surprise that many couples are looking for ways to cut down on costs for their big day but not compromise on their wedding. A wedding is usually the one time that many couples feel they can splash out a little on, however, many find it difficult to know where to start or what they can and can’t compromise on to stretch their finances further.

We suggest the first way to start is to prioritise what you really want and what is ultra important to you and your partner. Is music your thing? If so then splash out on the DJ and band. Is style and theme the most important? If so spend on the bridal attire and wedding location and look to cut costs on those items that are less important to you both.

The Flowers

Many couples are now opting for artificial floral arrangements as opposed to real flowers. They cut the costs considerable and can be moved, reused easily from the ceremony venue to the reception venue and continue to look amazing all day long. The arrangements can be reused for the top table and even to create a walkway into the reception space. More and more florists are now selling artificial arrangements, we love Sister Sister Boutique who specialise in artificial flowers. 

The Entertainment

If you want a band for the wedding reception as well then look for a band that has less musicians. The bigger the band the more musicians need paying. If you have fallen in love with a particular band  but they are quite large you can usually negotiate a fee with them and they will reduce the number of musicians they need for the event, particularly if the space is smaller. Rather than lose the booking they will accommodate to your space and budget. Don’t be afraid to negotiate!

The Cake

Wedding cakes can be massively expensive, some being even in the triple figures. Opt for a wedding cake that has less fuss, handmade decoration and sugar flowers as these add to the cost of a wedding cake. Instead choose a plainer design, sometimes less is more, or add your own decorations to the cake yourself. Many wedding cakes now have floral arrangements placed on it instead of sugar decoration. This is a great way to make a simpler wedding cake design look amazing and you can reuse the floral arrangements from the wedding ceremony for the cake. This will keep the theme and colour of the wedding running through.

The food

Catering for the number of guests that a couple can have at a wedding can boost the cost of the wedding considerably. Instead of a large wedding breakfast opt for more substantial canapes as guests arrive, or a BBQ or picnic and skip the wedding breakfast or skip a starter course. 

Cut the guest list

This is always a sticking point and is usually not the most fun thing to do but cutting the guest list can be a great way to cut costs. The reception can account for around 50% of your wedding budget so cutting the head count can save couples a lot. Invite more guests to the evening reception or to the pub after. Most guests will be very understanding about an evening invitation as opposed to a full day.


Wedding invitations are expensive. Many couples want save the date cards, invitations and then evening reception invites. This can increase costs considerably. These days social media can be a god send when it comes to invites. Facebook is a fantastic tool to create page and event for your wedding day and send a Facebook invite to all family and friends you have on Facebook. Chances are the majority of guests you want to invite are on some form of social media outlet like this. Straight away you have invited most if not all your guests and they can confirm, decline or maybe using Facebook. 

Alternatively, if you want formal invites design your own stationary and get them printed at your local printers. There are many apps that you can download to create stationary, they are very quick and easy to use and look fantastic. 

 Opt out of save the date cards and send your invites early that way you don’t need to pay for an additional set of invitations. 

Forget the wedding favours

Wedding favours are see much more of an extra these days. They are expensive and most guests wont even remember not having them and if they do most don’t remember what they were and leave them behind. This is an item you can cut out easily. 

The Styling

Reusing key props for the ceremony and reception is a great way to save on decoration costs. It will keep the same theme and style throughout the ceremony consistent. Fairy lights and candles are a relatively inexpensive way to transform a space. Also, you will be surprised what you can hire these days instead of buy. 

The Shoes

Choose a shoe which is individual to yourself and find a shoe that you will wear again and again. Don’t opt for a traditional “bridal” shoe. 

The Venue

Look for deals from venues for having a wedding on a certain day like a Wednesday or Thursday if you don’t mind having a weekday wedding. This is becoming very popular with couples. In addition, go to wedding shows, venues at the shows often provide discounts and special deals on the day. Booking out of season will also reduce the price for a venue.