How to Make the Most of your Bridal Appointment

Shopping for your wedding gown can be one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding, for that hour appointment you dress up and feel like a princess, you are waited on, you are surrounded by gorgeous silk, lace, organza and all eyes are on you! Sometimes the bridal appointments can seem like a whirlwind and it can often feel pressurised particularly for the bride. Thankfully, we have some tips for our brides that will allow you to get the most out of your bridal appointment.

  1. Do Your Research

Walking into a showroom full of wedding gowns can be intimidating and overwhelming. Everything is white, ivory, sparkly and gorgeous but sometimes wedding gowns can all start blurring together as you try on gown after gown trying to get into thirty different gowns and squeezing it into an hour long appointment!

Instead, try to be selective in what you actually want to try on and what you see as fitting into your wedding theme and your own personal style. Many brides come to our showroom with a firm idea of what they want their wedding gown to be like and while some walk out with a completely different style it is usually still fitting to their overall theme which helps us as stylists to choose the right gowns for you to try. Maybe you come in just knowing you want a white gown instead of a cream. Or maybe you know that you want that Delta gown from the Haley Paige’s Blush line. Whether it is one simple detail you’re after, or you have already chosen the dress and you’re just at the shop to confirm – having an idea, a wedding theme or style in mind will make the appointment so much easier and constructive for you. If you still can’t figure out what exactly you’re after, that’s fine have a chat with your stylist, don’t be afraid to tell your stylist exactly what you do not want. A list of styles you hate can help to point out what it is that you will love.

  1. Don’t be Afraid to Make Requests

As previously mentioned, sometimes brides can come into a shop knowing exactly what gown they want but the shop doesn’t always have it in!  That can be devastating. Most bridal stores carry a designer but cant carry the full stock list that that designer holds, it would be impossible to do so. Instead they opt for several of the designers gowns and can if required loan a specific dress you may like from that designer for your appointment. It is therefore super important to tell your stylist and the boutique before hand if there is a specific dress you want to try. If you try on every dress in the shop but can’t stop thinking about that gorgeous satin Lanthe gown from Amanda Wakeley, you’re not going to be satisfied. Sometimes its about having the one of your dreams there in person to help you make the final decision.

  1. Think About Who You’re Bringing

The entourage you bring to your bridal shop appointment are super important, they can help to make or break the day. Maybe mum needs to be there when you buy your gown, but you would really rather just have a day with the girls. That’s ok! Bring the girls along to help choose a gown and bring mum for a second appointment when you feel you need that mum approval.

Also, don’t be afraid to do what you want when it comes to choosing who you want to bring. As a bridal stylist, I have seen groups of girlfriends, mothers and future mothers-in-law, to the whole family attend appointments, there have even been a appointments with the bride and her groom!  Nothing is off limits on this special day, it is all about you, and having the right team behind you can make the process a lot smoother and more meaningful in the long run.  Just be sure to let the boutique know in advance if you’re bringing a big group! Sometimes there are issues with room, most boutiques are relatively small, the boutique will need to ensure that they have created the space and can cater for the size of the group. In addition, you don’t want to be overwhelmed with too many opinions.

  1. Shake It Up!

Do you remember that one dress you loved? The white one with the straps and the lace? No. The other white strap one with the lace. Wait, no not that one. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard this conversation. Sometimes a bride knows exactly what her gown is going to look like so we try on all the gowns that fit into this ideal. It’s great! She looks great in all of them! But…. Maybe they start to blend together. At that point in time it may be best to shake it up. Let the Maid of Honour or mum choose something a little different for you or the stylist. Don’t be afraid to try something outside of your comfort zone. Bridal gowns are nothing like usual dresses you wear so sometimes you will find that styles you would never wear as a dress actually look amazing on you. Go with your stylist, indulge them if nothing else and try something new.

  1. When You Know You Know

As a bridal stylist, I have had a lot of brides ask me how they know when they found ‘the one.’ I always tell them it’s not about what others say or even how you look in the shop’s sample and that instead it will be the feeling you have when you’re in the dress. Maybe dress three makes you look the way you think a bride needs to look, but you and mum cry when you see dress one. If there are tears you know that is “the one”. Its not about what a bride should look like or wear its about how you feel in that gown and if you feel like a bride!  Just like with your groom, when you know you know. Sometimes it’s best to trust yourself. Sometimes you may try one dress on and think “WOW this is amazing I feel amazing but I should go and try more on” no stop! That’s your wow factor right there, it doesn’t matter that you have not tried on fifty dresses  if you have that wow factor, stop right there and buy the dress, that is the one! It may be that you go to many shops and end up back at the very first boutique you went to in the very first dress you tried. Sometimes we get it right the first time.

  1. Remember to Have Fun!

Although it is another task to check off the great bridal checklist, choosing your wedding gown is one of the most exciting aspects! Don’t forget to have fun. Make it a day of shopping and lunches, even  take a nice bottle of champagne to the boutique! Make it the best day it can be, you will only be doing this once!

Choosing your wedding gown can seem  a massively daunting task and you can be left feeling overwhelmed. Think about our tips above and hopefully you can enjoy the shopping experience and take some of the pressure away and create another favourite memories of planning your perfect day.