So, you have found the perfect wedding gown, now its time to find the perfect shoe to accompany the gown. Shoe shopping can much like shopping for your bridal gown leave you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Wedding magazines and social media are buzzing with thousands of photos of the new and latest wedding shoes, which now are in a variety of colours, materials, embellished, sling back, peep toe, high heel, low heel, no heel… phew… the list goes on and on. 

Choosing your wedding shoes is no easy task. Traditionally wedding shoes were simply a few different variations of cream satin shoes with a small heel. I remember my nan being quite shocked by how much time and effort I was showing in finding the perfect shoe to match my bridal gown, her response whenever I spoke about it always started with “well in my day “ and then she would go on to tell me about the very small range of shoes available and how it wasn’t really much of a big deal what shoe you had under your bridal gown. These days anything goes! With the variety of shoes currently on the market it can be time consuming and stressful. Here are 5 top tips for choosing your wedding shoes. 


If you have opted for a less traditional bridal gown you don’t need to stick to the traditional silk and satin fabrics for your wedding shoe. Explore fabrics and shoe designs, go for a statement shoe that will really stand out under your bridal gown! Let your guests see your own personal style through your choice of shoe. 

Colour and Theme

The shoe choice should show complement your bridal gown and bring out your individuality. If you have a theme or are in a certain location, your shoes should reflect that. Many weddings now have a theme running through them and can be in many different locations. We recently assisted a customer who opted for a purple shoe under her bridal gown, this was to complement her chosen bridesmaid dresses and flowers. I must say the colour looked amazing under her ivory gown. 

If you have a flare for design you might want to design your own shoe or embellish a pair of pre loved shoes. Remember the bright blue Manolo Blahnik’s with jewelled embellishment at the front worn by Carrie Brashaw, this started a whole trend of something blue being the brides shoe and showed all brides they could opt for a striking colour of shoe under their gowns.

Have fun and explore the many different shoe choices out there. 

Flats, Heels, Peep toes??

The wedding day is not the day to explore wearing heels if you usually were flats or wear flats if you always wear heels. On this big day you need to feel comfortable in what you are wearing as you are quite literally on your feet all day. Stick to what you know and what you feel comfortable in.

If you do want some height instead of usual flats go for a kitten heel or a platform shoe. Alternatively, ballet slippers are a beautiful romantic way to wear flats.

Consider your groom and his size when choosing your shoes, if you usually wear a flat shoe, suddenly wearing a high heel may lead to your towering over him and may appear strange in your photos as well as being very strange to him! 

If you do opt for something very diffident to what you are used to practice wearing them beforehand and wear in your shoes. In addition, make sure your chief bridesmaid has some plasters and a change of shoe for you if you become uncomfortable during the day. 

Location and Destination 

Many brides are now opting for unique and far away locations for their weddings. If you are having a beach wedding you may not want to wear a high heel, you may decide not to wear any shoes at all instead opting for jewels on their feet. The choice of shoe should reflect your choice of location. 

Some of our brides have chosen embellished sandals, peep toes or even flip flops for their beach weddings. 

Similarly, if you are getting married during the wet season or in a cooler climate short ankle boots may be an option adding a fashionable edge to any modern bride’s bridal gown. 

Always consider your location as you chose your bridal shoe.

Dance the night away 

If you are wearing a high heel or have worn the shoes for the first time that day, by the time it comes for you to hit the dancefloor you may be desperate to get those amazing shoes off ASAP! Why not purchase a pair of flip flops or ballet slippers for you and your bridesmaids so you can dance the night away, pain free!